Monday, March 21, 2011

St. PaTtY's dAy CeLeBraTiOn!

So in celebration of St. Patricks day and because Jeremy is Black Irish, we prepared an Irish feast fit for any leprechaun. I made Cornbeef and Cabbage for the first time in my life. I also made a pistachio dessert. Amber made Irish Soda Bread. And Amber and Jeremy made some Stuffed Cabbage Rolls together. We had grandpa and grandma over for dinner. I made it a point to have Henry explain to them in Spanish that this was Irish food and why we were eating it, then waited patiently to see their expressions as they tasted it. I was tickled pink as grandpa ate everything and then announced that it was delicious. I am not sure that grandma felt the same way but she ate most of it. Jeremy said that I did a good job on the cornbeef and that it reminded him of his mothers. He thinks we should make it at least once a month. Henry liked it too but of course we were just missing rice. While we were cleaning up I pointed out that there was some rice that was leftover from making the cabbage rolls and Henry was in heaven. He made a plate to eat later in the evening. Henry loves his rice! It was quite fun and a learning experience. I am glad that we did it and that we did it together.

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